Friday 30 October 2015

El Hombresito en Escocia

The "little man" in Scotland: at the beach that was just 2 blocks from my childhood home where we played so much as children and hiding just round the corner from the now-gallery that was our newspaper shop when we were growing up - and which is where so many memories of time with my Dad are lodged.

p.s. & Lyns had a holy moment on the beach!

El Homresito in the Midlands

Another stop-off for my Hombresito: my mum's place and "Nanna's" which is actually now my Uncle Noel's and where I spent many a summer holiday as a child.  

El Hombresito en Londres

My "Little Man's" first stop-off since being back in the UK - in London, by my favourite mural my Rua on Hackney Road on the day that, 3 months after landing I finally moved into my room in Herne HIll... I'm so happy about this that I sang all the way up to Hackney on my bike.  Thanks to Lyns for being the "midwife" to my creative process as Cassie put it today! 

Weaving Latin American and British patterns

In these months settling back into the UK after Ecuador have the burning urge to create images with patterns that represent the two different cultures together... here's an experiment made while staying at George's house, the figure in the centre is apparently a replica Lewis chess piece, and the blanket in the background is from the Mercado Artesanal in Guayaquil, the map is London. 

I tried interweaving the Willow Pattern cause oddly that reminds me of early childhood in Scotland when Mum made cardboard props in blue and white based on these patterns for a school play at Compass.  It didn't quite work this time round though - will try again in another piece.

Cruz del Sur

Finally finished this drawing of the South American Cruz del Sur (Southern Cross). Installed here on the balcony & mantelpiece at Lucy's I like how the photos weave together a little bit of my Ecuadorian experience with my Scottish roots and my London base.


El Hombresito en Guayaquil

My final interaction with the city that has been my home for the last year and a half, taking el Hombresito ("the Little Man") to 4 spots that symbolise best my emotional connections to Guayaquil:

1. The front of Tyrone's home.  Ty is the wonderful man that I have shared my life, my hopes and dreams with for this year and half (and who also supported me logistically on this final mission with el Hombresito!).  Thank you Tysito for sharing so much with me, for teaching me to cycle lycra-bunny style, for exploring your beautiful country with me (and Mike & Moley!) and for making me laugh so much! I love you and I miss you painfully before we've even parted.

"If I were a painter, 
with my paintbrush of love 
I would thank you for your beauty in the fibres of my heart."  

2. The mirador (look out point) near my home in El Paraíso (Paradise - luck to land in a spot with such a reassuring name!) I always love to start exploring a new city by getting to know what's being painted on it's walls so on my first weekend was happy to see this painted spot, especially in a city that otherwise is very conservative and controlled in terms of street art.  Our home here was the point of meeting many really inspirational colleagues and friends.  Big hugs to you Becky, Jonny, Emily, Laura, Maria José, Paz, Andrés and many more.

3. Under bridge mosaics on my cycle route into work at JUCONI: More common than murals or graffiti, these mosaics unders the many overpasses in heavy-with-traffic Guayaquil are commissioned by the mayor.  Although perhaps a sign of the controlling nature of local government, this is one of my favourite characteristics about Guayaquil.  This one on my route to my work as arts facilitator with The Charlotte Miller Art Project with the children attended by local NGO Junto Con los Niños - JUCONI, the reason that brought me to this city in the first place.

4. Las Peñas:  The gorgeous community up the side of the Santa Ana hill  where the colourful painted houses are beautifully framed by amazing pink sunsets in the evenings.  A barrio known for its bars and salsatecas, Las Peñas is where we shared so many fun nights with friends and JUCONI colleagues.  Situated as it is on the edge of the estuary this is a spot that symbolises some of the things I love about South America - it's tropical nature, music and dance!

Thanks Ty for helping with this creative mission! Let's hope to have the chance to take the Hombresito on a similar mission in the UK! (Gullane beach?! London? The midlands) x

Playing in Playas

My last weekend in Guayaquil before flying home on 13th July, spent with my beloved Ty at our favourite beach, Playas, eating ice cream and Chilean empanadas, spotting Dolphin references to send home to Lucy and drawing this picture of freedom and flight on the beach. 

Ty being as amazing as ever and helping to pack away my Flamma bici.