Sunday 22 December 2013

"Celebrando la Familia CAICC": animation screenings

"Celebrating the CAICC Family" cake (multicoloured layers of sponge inside!) and the box full of the project magazines.

And after a whole week of editing... 
finally you can watch the whole CAICC film here, this version includes the kids talking about the projcet and footage of them working, shot by fellow workshop facilitator Florrie Cassell:

Watch this same video with English subtitles here.
Watch the animation without documentary footage in Spanish here 
and with English subtitles here.

We had two screenings of the CAICC films for the kids and their parents last week:

19.12.13 screening at San Pablo Prison in Cillacollyo:  A really (and perhaps surprisingly?!?) cheery morning where loads of tiny kids at the San Pablo prison and some of their parents watched our films in an upstairs room. Then we came down to the small courtyard that was full of all ages of folk, men women and children. Some of the CAICC nursery kids performed a traditional dance then two clowns from Banco Sol did a hilarious and cheeky routine that had the whole crowd laughing, and finally gave out presents to the kids.

20.12.13 screening at the CAICC nursery: A beautifully hectic morning with so SO many kids, from tiny tots up to the older ones and lots of parents plus all the staff.  Everyone had hot chocolate and bread for breakfast and hotdogs and coca-cola for lunch.... and there was a Christmas tree surrounded by piles of gifts - each child got 3 really decent gifts as far as I could see - many donated by anonymous 'godfathers and mothers' who support the organisation.  We screened the films for more of the parents and kids and handed out the project magazine that Florrie's Sustainable Bolivia mini-grant funded, documenting the whole process of the project for them.  

Here are some of them enjoying their magazine's: 

[this is the first blog post showing the kids faces, which is because we now have permission for their images to appear online]

Thank you to Teresa for coming along and helping out at both screenings, 
thanks to all the super supportive CAICC staff, 
a big huge thanks to Florrie for all the amazing collaboration,
and most of all a huge HUGE thank you to all of the wonderful kids that we worked with 
and were so inspired and warmed by!

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