Saturday 26 April 2014

Club de Arte 7: "Mi Escalera, Nuestro Parque"

Nueva Prosperina: individual gardens, complete with person, animal, plants and step-ladders, ready to join together into the community park.

ONGOING THEME: Our Art Club Community
WEEK 7: My Step-Ladder, Our Park

IDEA AND AIMS:  As the finale to our ongoing community park project, each child made a little step-ladder (or two) to add to their gardens along with their people and animal puppets, the idea being to join all the gardens together, with the step-ladders forming links between the neighbouring gardens, creating a group park.  The original idea was to make bridges, but because of space limitations we decided on step-ladders that the puppets can use to climb up to cross over into their neighbours gardens.
We asked the children to decorate the rungs of their ladders with values that are important for them in their community of Art Club, using the following list of suggested words as a prompt:

Jonny and my example step-ladders (left), decorated with the values that are important to us within the Art Club community, chosen from the list of suggested values (right): 
Jonny: family, friends, friendship, peace
Kim: Friendship, generosity, respect

1. Take 2 lollypop sticks to be the two upright sides of the step-ladder and paint them.
2. Take 2 other lollypop sticks and break them in half.  Use them to create the rungs of the ladder by attaching them evenly spaced to the first two sticks with silicone.
3. Choose the values that are important to you within your community and paint these onto your ladder's rungs - use the list of suggestions if you'd like inspiration.
4. Add any extra decorations you would like with Fomex and paint (e.g. leaves, hearts etc)

MATERIALS: lollypop sticks, silicone, Fomex, scissors, paint, paintbrushes, palettes, bowls,  list of suggested words, gardens and people and animal puppets from previous sessions

Instructions for 'Our Park' (l) and Jonny and my examples (r)

1. Take your puppet...

2. …and their animal friend...

3. …and add them both to your garden.

4. Place your step-ladder in the garden to allow them to visit your friends puppets in neighbouring gardens.

5. Make sure everything is stuck down in place as you'd like it….

6. …and finally add your completed garden to those of your friends to create... 


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