Thursday 6 March 2014

Club de Arte 3: "Our Hands - Our Values"

ONGOING THEME: Our Art Club Community
WEEK 3: Our hands - Our Values

IDEA AND AIMS: This is our third community-building activity here at CMAP's Club de Arte with JUCONI and the idea was to give the children an opportunity to reflect on what is important to them within their community of Art Club, and in adding their own decorated hands to the group's Tree of Values, to recognise themselves as a valuable part of a collaborative process. 

Instructions and examples (above): friendship, peace, hope
and the list of suggested words for the kids to use as inspiration (below):

1. We asked the kids to choose words that are important to them either from a list we had written or anything else they liked. 
2. They then drew around their hands onto paper and decorated these hands with the words they’d chosen and any images and colours representing what that word means for them. 
3. They cut out their finished hands and stuck them like leaves to the group’s ‘tree’ of “Our Values”.


The Sergio Toral Values Tree (above). The children in Sergio Toral decorated their hands with the words love, faith, family, home, friends, health, friendship, hope, peace, games, freedom, heart, education
(see their individual hands in the photo at the top of this post)

SOCIO VIVIENDA (above, individual hands, below group tree) the kids chose to decorate their hands with the words faith, family, love, home, games, friendship, education, equality, freedom, support, dreams

NUEVA PROSPERINA (above, individual hands, below details from group tree and below that the full group tree)The children choose to decorate their hands with the words family, dreams, love, faith, school, peace, friendship, hope, support, education, mum and dad

Thanks to all the kids for all the enthusiasm so far! 

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