Wednesday 25 June 2014

Club de Arte 2.05: Superhero masks

THEME OF WEEK 2:05:  My Superhero's Mask
and the Charlotte Miller Art Project in Guayaquil, Ecuador

IDEA AND AIMS:  For the children to create one of the key parts of their superhero or super-heroines costume - the mask! The mask that their character uses to hide their 'true' identity from their foes.


1. Facilitators pre-prepare the bases for the masks, in various shapes, from thin flexible card with elastic stapled to the back.

2. The kids choose the base shape that they like and decorate it using any combination of tin foil, shiny coloured papers, coloured tissue paper, colourful glittery pipe cleaners, glitter, feathers and sequins, attaching everything with silicone and colourful tapes and adding in any drawn details they like with marker pens. 

MATERIALS: Thin card, scalpel, elastic, stapler and staples, tin foil, shiny coloured papers, scissors, colourful tissue paper, silicone, glue, permanent markers, feathers, glitter, sequins and pipe cleaner.

This has got to have been one of our most creative and fun sessions in this Superhero project so far.  Take a look at the wonderful masks that the kids came up with…

In Socio Vivienda:

 In Sergio Toral: 

And in Nueva Prosperina:

Here´s a rare opportunity to meet Blanca, our brilliant Art Club photographer who is normally behind the lens, here she is with Ronald and the kids in Nueva Prosperina.  Almost all the photos in these posts about Art Club are Blanca´s work - thank you Blanquita!
The kids had great fun trying on their masks, and this turned out to be a great photo opportunity!

Happy Days...
…at this point at the end of June the kids are fully immersed in this Superhero project and you can see from the smiles here that they are definitely enjoying themselves!
Keep an eye out for updates over the coming weeks as the children finish their costumes and use them to tell their characters' stories.

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