Saturday 14 June 2014

Club de Arte 2.01: Introduction to Superheroes and Super-heroines

An Introduction to Superheroes and Super-heroines
and the Charlotte Miller Art Project in Guayaquil, Ecuador

IDEA AND AIMS:  So with the departures of both Jonny and Olivia, our Art Club team is now Ronald, Blanca and myself, and this week we launched stage 2 of Art Club 2014: Our Superheroes!  For this introductory session we first discussed who superheroes are and what makes them special or different, using a big poster full of images of famous superheroes and heroines and their costumes, tools and logos as reference.  We identified that they all have super-powers or highly developed abilities, such as flying as fast as light, using X-rays, being martial arts experts or reading minds, and that we recognise them as superheroes because of their costumes which include any combination of masks, capes, tools, weapons, shields and logos.  As an initial creative exercise we asked the kids to collaborate in small groups to come up with their own original superheroes and heroines. 

1. Facilitator's pre-prepare outline drawings of boys and girls on large sheets of paper, with the question above "What does a Superhero (or Super-heronine) need?" 
2. As a big group discuss what makes superheroes and heroines different and special and how we identify them, using images of recognised super characters as reference.
3.  The children work in small groups, boys with boys and girls with girls, to come up with their ideas for a superhero or heroine   They collaborate within their groups to transform the outline of the boy or girl on their sheet of paper into a super-character by using collage and drawing to create the costume and props that their character needs.  

MATERIALS: Large reference poster with images of recognised superheroes and heroines showing their costumes, tools and logos, large outline drawings of boys and girls, marker pens, tissue paper, shiny paper, coloured paper, scissors and glue.


NUEVA PROSPERINA'S SUPERHEROES: (clockwise from top left)"Super EM HULK, uses X-rays  / "Super Mujer Rosada [Super Pink Woman] protects families with her sword" / "Super Rayo-X, can fly, has X-rays and elastic feet" / "Super Sesp" /  "Jeremi y Ricado Super" / "Super Miguel-Angel" / "La Chica Maravilla"

SERGIO TORAL'S SUPERHEROES: (clockwise from top left)"Super Dragon Ku" / "La Poderosa Jali" / "Drikus, has the power of Goku,Vegetu, Batman and Superman" / "Siquico, reads minds" "La Chica Rayos"

SOCIO VIVIENDA'S SUPERHEROES: (left to right)"Capitan Barcelona, flies with power"/ girl super heroine with rays coming from the palms of her hands / "Vidaman"

A brilliantly creative start to this new stage of Art Club!  
Keep a look out here as the children start to develop their own personal super-characters.  

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