Saturday 23 August 2014

Club de Arte 2.09: Superhero Stories

THEME OF WEEK 2:09:  Our Superheroes' Stories
and the Charlotte Miller Art Project in Guayaquil, Ecuador

IDEA AND AIMS:  For the children to imagine scenarios of conflict and resolution between their superhero characters and their archenemies.  To draw out these stories in storyboards and then to dress up a second time in their superhero costumes and play out these scenarios infront of a video camera.

PROCESS: 1. Talk about superhero stories with reference to comics in the group. 2. Individually to imagine a story of conflict between the superhero character and his or her archenemy.  3. To dress up! 4. To play out the superhero story in front of the video camera.

MATERIALS: Storyboard sheets, pens and pencil crayons, a comic book example, the children's costumes, video camera, tripod.


Super Angelica's Super Story: 1. The super heroine was walking by the shop when suddenly a really furious witch appeared. 2. She was kidnapping everybody, when the super heroine saw her and fought her with her super-lazer eyes. 3. She continued to fight the witch with her super-lazer eyes. 4. Suddently she was in the football pitch and she transformed the witch into dust. 
The story of X-Ray: 1. Super X-Ray is on the football pitch when he suddenly realizes something. 2. He sees that the cruel sorcerer is kidnapping a girl. 3. The superhero combats his enemy with his x-rays and his super-speed and rescues the girl.  4. The superhero shuts the enemy in a super-bubble of crystal and the the girl returned to being happy.

The Story of Super Kiara: 1. Super Kiara is walking by the football pitch. 2. He sees the wicked blue witch robbing a football from some children.  3. The superhero confronts his enemy with his superpower of hypnotism.  4. The super moro transforms the enemy into a mouse and the children remain happy forever.




And finally…
the kids' Super Film:

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