Wednesday 6 November 2013

AVE - Audiovisuales educativas para jóvenes trabajadores

Another organisation doing an amazing job here in Cochabama is AVE Audiovisuales educativas para jóvenes trabajadores (Audiovisuals for working children and adolescents).  Thanks to a friend here in Cochabamba, Raymundo, I was able to meet some of their staff a couple of Fridays ago and see some of the documentaries and short films they have made with their kids.

This Monday I went into their office to run what I thought would be a one-off staff workshop in preparation for work with some of the kids.  What has materialised instead is a more lasting-impact plan to work with the educators so that they all have stop-motion knowledge that they can then take into their work with the kids over the long-term.  So for now we are going to meet regularly on Mondays to do a stop-motion workshop within which we'll aim to create a film from the educators about what AVE is and aims for, that they can show to children who are new to the organisation or considering working with them.

Thank you to Raymundo for introducing me, and to director Cristobal and educator Liseth for being open to the workshop and to the whole staff team for hosting me and being excited about the work - these are the puppets they created from recyclable materials this week.

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