Wednesday 6 November 2013

CAICC Week 2: Storyboarding

Week 2 with the Tuesday afternoon group at CAICC:  Storyboarding the kids stories about their experiences with the organisation, working towards creating an animation short film about CAICC.

STEP 1: using colourful post-it notes to decorate the 4 sides of a cardboard house with the kids personal answers to 4 questions:

1. Who am I and how did I get to know CAICC? Kids shared their name, age and a little of how they came to know of CAICC.  Answers to this ranged from being told by a friend, a parent hearing of it, or 'accidentally' coming across it one morning on the way to school!
2. When and how do I get to CAICC? Kids come either in the morning before afternoon school or in the afternoon after school.  The majority come by the colourful CAICC bus, but other answers included cycling, running, walking... one little lad René included the detail that he passes a spider every day that he's not scared of but that makes him nervous!
3. What do I like to do at CAICC and what do I not like?  The kids like playing with their friends, sports, football, volleyball, laughing, drawing, and many like the homework sessions (this somehow surprised me!).  One older teenager's answer was that he likes helping out the littler kids.  'I don't like' answers included being quiet, eating, playing with the boys (one little girl's answer)... one sweet answer was "I don't like.... nah,I like everything!"
4. What do I hope for the future?  Answers to this included: to be a lawyer, a footballer, a P.E. teacher, scientist, vet, engineer

STEP 2: Taking the information that they have shared on the 4 sides of the house each child drew a personal 4-panel storyboard, illustrating the same information - who are they, how do they get to CAICC, what they enjoy there or not, and what they hope for the future:

 René Eduardo got to know of CAICC 2 years ago, he comes to bike by bike and every time passes a spider that makes him feel nervous.  He likes to kill spiders and to do his homework, but doesn't like to be quiet.  His dream for the future is to have a dog called Firelais.

Alexander comes to CAICC in their bus, he like playing football with friends and when he grows up he wants to be a lawyer.

Gabriela Pholet Red got to know about CAICC through her Mum, she only comes on Tuesdays and Fridays.  She likes to hit the boys and doesn't like not winning.  She wants to be a P.E. teacher.

 Alejandra got to know CAICC when she was a little girl, she comes to CAICC with Victoria and like to play, study, laugh and have fun, she likes the food but doesn't like to eat!  She is hoping for her boyfriend and companion.

Leonardo is a boy who got to know CAICC the 2nd August, he comes to learn and likes to play.

The most touching thing about this exercise was the number of kids that really early in the process were writing about how much they love CAICC, how great it is: 
CAICC es hermosa, linda, me gusta mucho el CAICC!

Here is a documentary style short film about CAICC that will give you more of an understanding of the kids and the organisation and if it moves you to want to support the organisation's work you can donate online here:

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