Wednesday 6 November 2013

CAICC week 3: puppet making

With last week's storyboards to hand the kids began to make a puppet each which they will use to animate their stories about CAICC.   These are some of their creations, made in an amazing and brilliant frenzy of energy and excitement throughout the afternoon!

Welcoming some new kids to the group, here are a couple of new storyboards:
Renato's character Fernando is 12 years old and comes to CAICC running. 

Luz Clara's character Alejandra heard about CAICC from a friend and comes to do her homework and play and to have lunch. She likes to do things like her homework but doesn't like volleyball, and hopes to be a vet in the future and help animals.

Here's a trailer for a fascinating documentary we watched this Tuesday night at Alianza Francesa, after our workshop at CAICC: "San Antonio" from filmmaker Álvaro Olmos T:   

The film is the San Antonio prison here in Cochabamaba, which is Bolivia's smallest prison.  Walking home afterwards I felt to be honest pretty damn sad thinking of our CAICC kids living in such a tough environment.  They are incredibly resilient wee kids, really loving, with beautiful smiles and such a huge energy and enthusiasm for our work in the workshops, I'm really moved to be working with them.

p.s. here are the puppets Florrie and I made in preparation as examples for the kids - (is it any surprise they turned out really hippie-like, especially after our weekend at urban Fest?!)  Florrie is collaborating with me in leading the project with CAICC and is a brilliant person to bounce ideas around with and get inspiration from, especially as she's worked as a producer for Casual Films in London since graduating:

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